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Couple experience, marriage proposal or family trip to Disneyland Paris! 🎠

Couple experience, marriage proposal or trip with friends ...

at Disneyland Paris will be even more magical! ✨

WHEN to visit Disneyland?!

There is no single answer so I give you several!

Based on the priorities and expectations you have, I recommend these options:

Priority: Climate ☀️

Period: May, June, July, August

Priority: Uncrowded park 👨 👩 👧 👦

Period: February, March, April

Priority: Seasonal events and shows 🎅

Period: June, October, November, December

... and WHERE to stay during my holiday at Disneyland?!

In addition to the Hotels around Disneyland that you can find by clicking here 🏰,

there are many other accommodation solutions in the surroundings!

Here are the Airbnb 🏘 that I would like to recommend to you:

If you want to enjoy your Wonderland experience 200% ,

here is my advice:

1) Plan your day by choosing the attractions that interest you the most 🎠

* always check that there is no work in progress on the days you visit the Park ( unfortunately and fortunately, the Park is very popular and the maintenance of attractions is the order of the day! )

2) Choose where you would like to have lunch! If you choose to have lunch in the restaurants of the Park 🍲, it is better to check the busiest times or you will have to be patient and relax waiting to be served! If you choose a packed 🥪 lunch you can do it by walking among the various attractions or in the picnic area located between the parking and the entrance to Disney Parks. * Meals that require specific equipment (such as a refrigerator, table or bulky containers) are not allowed inside Disneyland and the Studios.

3) Enjoy the Park 200% without a camera or mobile phone but with a photo book to keep as a souvenir and to show to everyone!

How to do it? Simple! To my friends and customers I propose

So why do not follow the philosophy ... Hakuna Matata! 🦁 No worries!

We will make together a short tour of the Park, taking some pictures in the most iconic places of Disneyland Paris to capture all the emotions of this magical day!


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