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How to get a personal photoshoot in Disneyland Paris with a private photographer?!

Here we are! it’s very simple!

📧 send a request for a quote via the contact form indicating name / date / type of shooting desired! pretty simple!

🧾 within two days from your request you will have a quote with all relevant details of your Private Photoshoot at Disneyland Paris (recommended places, map of the park to find the locations, time and meeting point and conditions of service)

🙋‍♀️ This is where the magic begins! We are at Disneyland Paris, we just have to meet!

✨ Just the time to leave thoughts and stress outside the gates, and we are already in a magical world where it will be simple to connect each others and start this fun adventure!

📷 We will spend time together among incredible, colorful, fantastic scenographies.

At the end of your Private Photoshoot at Disney, we will greet and, while I immediately put myself to the work of selecting and verifying the photographs, you will continue to enjoy the magic of Disneyland Paris!

📁Within maximum one week, you will receive an email with the link to download high resolution photos!

The minimum number of photos guaranteed is 40 photos but I normally provide between 70 and 80 selected photos. 🤩

🤑 I do not ask for travel expenses, I do not ask for expenses for lunch or dinner! 😉


Contact me if you want to start this adventure! Whatsapp me at +33 6 37515872

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