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How to get beautiful photos at Disneyland Paris!

Today I want to reveal my secrets to have beautiful photos at Disneyland Paris as well as my favorite spots. Whether to photograph your family, immortalize your stay in the park or just to have fun taking pictures in this magic place!

From Main Street USA with all pastel colors to Sleeping Beauty Castle, to Adventureland... Take out your camera and strike a pose!

Are you an organized person or do you like to improvise?

Whether you are an organized person or you like to improvise, remember to:

  • Think first for which occasion you want to take a photo shoot! Is it for a pregnancy announcement, a marriage proposal, formalize your engagement or simply to please you? 🤱👨‍👩‍👧‍👦‍👸 Depending on your answer, you will be able to determine the desired atmosphere, choose your outfits, the time of year!

  • Once all this is determined, make a list of the different places where you would like to take your photos 🎠🚂

  • Think about the time of day as well as the different outfits and possible accessories, to be totally relaxed at the time of the session.

About Outfit and accessories 🦸‍♀️👑💍

My advice is to preview several outfits and two pairs of shoes! One to be able to walk several km and one for your photos! However, make sure that your belongings fit in a backpack (suitcases are not allowed inside the park 🤷‍♀️).

Choose your preferit outfits and colors but avoid big patterns and large logos of brands that are not related to Disney...they may disturb the composition of the photograph! You can also think about the timeless outfits inspired by Disney if you like them!

Accessories bring a colorful touch and magic to the photos ✨ Mickey's ears, a knot in the hair, balloons, an ice cream, cotton candy, a costume for your children are all good ideas! 😉 Choose everything you like but don't forget to take a look at the prices!

Attention, le port d’un déguisement ainsi que d’une robe de mariée est interdit pour les adultes.

The perfect light 🌤

If you want to get even more magical photos, choose the golden hours, about 1 to 2 hours before or after sunrise. The light is softer and warmer (golden), and adds emotion, mood and interest to your images. The shadows are less harsh and the light is less intense. It is also possible to achieve backlighting and silhouette effects more easily.

⛄️ In winter, the sun is quite low in the sky, so you can do your session any time of the day.

☀️ In the middle of summer, the sun is very high in the sky, it creates unsightly shadows on your face, that's why I suggest to have photo shoot session at the beginning or end of the day.

Tip: if you can, enjoy the extra moments of magic before the arrival of the guests (if you are staying in a hotel for example). You can enjoy an almost empty park!


🔜 In the next post: The best photo spots at Disneyland Paris!


If you want to entrust your images to a professional

I would be delighted to organized with you a private photo shoot at Disneyland Paris!

It will be a private photo shoot full of fun, relax and magic!

While you are having fun, I will take joyful, vivid pictures: the amazed eyes of your daughter when she meets her favorite princess, the exclamation of joy of your son as he gets out of the mine train... I'll also capture quieter moments you may not have seen:

A spinning skirt, a burst of laughter, a tear of joy...

Let me tell in pictures your stay at Disneyland Paris as you lived it!


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