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How to get souvenirs photos at Disneyland Paris?!

Most visitors to the Disneyland Paris knows Disney PhotoPass, the photography service Disney offers in specific spots around the Parks. Guests may take photos with any Disney PhotoPass photographer, with the option to purchase their digital photo files.

(The cost of a 20 minute session is $99, inclusive of tax. The price does not include your photo downloads. * learn more about Disneyland PhotoPass)

What Guests may not know is, you can actually hire a personal photographer for a private Photoshoot at Disneyland Paris!

I work as a freelance photographer and today I talk about my experience as private photographer at Disneyland Paris for one person, for couples or small groups of up to 8 people!

"I'm shy, I'm not sure I want to be photographed"

Don't be afraid! Everyone has this question in her/his mind, I myself am sometimes not comfortable in it, but trust me: the magic is strong at Disneyland and everything will be easier and more natural once we walk through the Park gates! 🤩

Get in feeling and put at ease people I work for, is the most important and stimulating part of my work! We will take some time to connect each other! I will adapt my way of working according to your sensitivity! I will be present but discreet! In the end, from experience, I can tell you we will have fun!

It will be a pleasure to accompany you in the most characteristic corners of the Park to create your personal and creative Disneyland photo book.

ℹ️ Prices vary according to the period and according to specific customer requests.

To give you an order of ideas prices can vary between 175 and 250 euros for a couple photoshoot in Disneyland or for small groups (up to 8 people) in Disneyland Paris! Whatsapp me at +33 6 37515872


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