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FOR ONLUS + Internatiolal NGO

"WHY NOT HUMANITARIAN PHOTOGRAPHER" I have always wanted to do an humanitarian mission. I did this experience and everything changed ... first it is my mind that has changed and now, after a few years where I have never stopped rethinking and reliving this experience in memories and photos, I change step by step what I do, what I will be. So, why not Humanitarian Photographer!

THE BEGINNING OF THE ADVENTURE For several years I knew the Project but I never found the right time to go on a mission or maybe I did not find the courage to tell myself and everyone, I have a huge need to feel useful, to leave for this humanitarian trip to Africa.

There was something missing in my life, something that makes us feel alive, vibrant, passionate: adrenaline ...

and as nothing ever happens by chance, it is this moment that I meet one of the founders of the project and in my words and in my eyes, he understood my need, in that moment Progetto Briciola ONLUS entered my life!

My goal in the first mission was to photograph all the children related to remote adoption projects and reach them in the most remote places when for health or logistical reasons it would have been impossible for them to reach our base in Hured. When I returned, I had a memory card full of emotions, the most precious luggage ... the one I missed when I left!

I like to show the joy that these children experience thanks to the activities and staff of Progetto Briciola ONLUS. Smiles coming from children from sensitive and complicated situations are for me the beauty of the moment. I do not hide that I have also seen, experienced and photographed moments of very strong sadness and sorrow, but the resilience of the children and adults of Hured is a teaching and I want to remember it through their smiles, so sincere and so strong when seen in contexts of poverty and malaise.

It is by sharing visually that I hope to inform and provoke a desire to help.

It is by opening this site and this page, that I hope to find new opportunities to join ONLUS or International NGO!

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